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оразвитии музыкальной терапии в г.оренбурге


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About development of musical therapy in Orenburg


 On March 12-31, 2015 in Orenburg was the XXI International scientific and practical conference "Actual problems of modern Art: Art and war", devoted to the 70th anniversary of the Great victory, organized by Orenburg state institute of arts of L. and M. Rostropovich with assistance of the Ministry of Culture and external relations of the Orenburg region.

In conference took part professor of art therapy, the founder and the editor-in-chief of the Music and Health magazine ("Musik und Gesundsein"), the head of the Center of researches in the field of therapy by creative self-expression of Institute of musical therapy of the Higher school of music and theater of Hamburg (Germany), the president of Academy of post-degree training of musical therapy of Fund of Herbert von Karajan took part in Cologne, honorable professor and the honorable doctor of OGII Hans-Helmut  Decker-Voigt.

He arrived to Russia as the lecturer, the writer and the scientist. In Germany, Professor H.-H. Decker-Voigt conducted researches in the field of musical therapy more than 22 years in five clinics and gave help to more than 2000 patients. Experience of the clinical work with people of different age — from babies to gerontological patients, based on use of therapeutic opportunities of music, it presented in more than 80 books, many of which are translated into various languages of the world. Within the conference H.-H. Decker-Voigt read a cycle of public lectures, held practical seminars for teachers, students, psychologists, psychotherapists.

In 2008-2009 with direct participation of H.-H. Decker-Voigt in Orenburg was realized the program of training of specialists in musical psychotherapy conforming to the international standards. It was the international project of post-degree training of musical therapy and musical psychology which is carried out by the Orenburg state institute of arts of L. and M. Rostropovich and the Institute musical therapy of the Higher school of music and theater of Hamburg (Germany) together with the Regional psychotherapeutic center of the Orenburg regional clinical № 2 and the German clinic Gut Wienebüttel in Lüneburg.

The program of training was based on the modular education system accepted in the western countries as a result of signing of the Bologna agreement. The total amount of a course made 440 class periods from which 360 class periods were taken away on lecture and seminar classes in musical psychotherapy. Though interest in therapy by art, in particular musical therapy, was noted in Orenburg and before carrying out this program, it stimulated further development of the musical and therapeutic direction on the basis of inclusion of the gained knowledge in scientific and practical approaches, characteristic for medical and educational institutions of the city. Results of practical work of local experts in the field of a music therapy were presented at plenary session within the project "Musical art and science in modern sociocultural space: Russia — Germany", which realized in 2013 in Orenburg by OGII of L. and M. Rostropovich. Scientific reports: T. V. Shuvalova ("History of development of musical therapy in Orenburg"), M. N. Iskanderov ("Experience of application of musical therapy in an individual therapy in the Orenburg regional clinical hospital №2"), V. N. Ponomarenko ("Experience of application of musical therapy in group therapy in the Orenburg regional clinical hospital № 2"), M. A. Glazeva ("Multimodal aspects of musical therapy"), N. A. Kaliman ("Musical therapy for children with autism").

This year on conference H.-H. Decker-Voigt attended a workshop of Orenburgs experts which practicing music therapy methods. M. A. Glazeva and V. N. Ponomarenko were leaders of workshop which took place in the Orenburg regional psychotherapeutic center on March, 14. Professor was directly involved in group work with patients of the Center and positively spoke of it. Within visit to Orenburg professor also visited psychology faculty of Orenburg university where he meeting with students and teachers, and also give public lecture "Musical therapy and logo therapy. Further development of the concept of Victor Frankl and Karl Jaspers in application of methods of deep psychology".

What expect the person in a critical situation and how he expects it? How it happens, what people differently endure a traumatic event? What to do in boundary situations of our existence (death, suffering, fight) before the face of "general unreliability of the world" (K. Jaspers) collision with which is inevitable sooner or later? During lecture Professor suggested audience to reflect about those Questions. Timeliness of discussion of these subjects for psychologists is undoubted.

In the modern promptly changing world people feels instability and integrity of the existence and feels the increasing need for ordering of life — both internal and external. Support in overcome life’s calls — one of the purposes of activity of psychotherapists and psychologists of this day. The psychologist, by definition A. G. Asmolov —"master of dissimilarity" seeking to see the unique personality in each person, rising against average approach to rendering the professional help. Therefore in activity of the helping experts an important role is played application of the methods focused on disclosure of identity of the person and connected with his creative self-expression, in particular music therapy.


As exact expression of this idea designating the most important principle of work of experts of art-therapy orientation to creative identity of the client, characteristic for domestic (Russian) model of the system art therapy (SAT) of A. I. Kopytin. Creative identity is presented to SAT as dialectic unity of universality and uniqueness of the personality, as the leading factor of creative activity and regulation of the relations and the self-relation.


Creation in the course of psychological assistance to the client in organized creative and interpersonal space helps the client to express, accept and realize itself in these two complementary forms, gradually to order internal chaos, to overcome feeling of discrepancy or emptiness of existence, increases its ability to operate own life.

The person finds sense in a concrete situation when realizes possibilities of creative action in relation to this situation. H.-H. Deker-Voigt visited to Diakonichesky center " Touch" where held for experts a seminar practical work "Modern models of practical musical psychotherapy and their value for society in general from the point of view of a salyutogenez". The staff of the Center headed N. A. Kaliman created unique for our city the correctional developing environment for development of children with difficult violations, frustration of an autism including training, a unique for our city, art therapy, game correction. Professor who was repeatedly visiting the Center during the previous visits to Orenburg consulted the staff of the Center about difficult situations arising in the course of realization of musical methods with children.

One of considerable events of conference was the presentation of the novel of H.-H. One of considerable events of conference was the presentation of the novel of H.-H. Decker-Voigt   "The house of the pastor" within the subject "War and Peace — a Role of Church in a Resistance Movement to Hitler's Regime on the example of History of One Family" which took place in his 70- anniversary in a reading room of the Orenburg regional scientific library. The novel is based not only on the description of life of the family, but also includes original historical documents of that period. His father after participation in military operations near Stalingrad and wounds joined the ranks of anti-fascist resistance and was executed before H.-H. Decker-Voigt's birth. The Professor expressed to Russia and its allies on the anti-Hitlerite coalition "gratitude in 70 years of the world" and hopes that culture, and music as its considerable part, will save the world with hatred and destruction.


Also in day of H.-H. Decker-Voigt’s   anniversary the Orenburg experts presented to him published in 2014 methodical grant "Musical psychotherapy: use of methods in stationary and ambulatoryconditions, in practice of psychotherapeutic rehabilitation and psychological correction" (M. A. Glazeva, M. N. Iskanderov, V. N. Ponomarenko, T. V. Shuvalova) which was result of theoretical generalizations and practical work of the Orenburg psychotherapists and psychologists.